Where in the World?

Constructing a Solid Venue Contract

Can you guess where I am? Not too hard to figure it out – but I am sitting in Agra, India in front of the incredible Taj Mahal in June of 2016. While I have been to India literally dozens of times, this was my first visit to the Taj!

So what does this have to do with event planning? See the turrets on either side of the Taj? They are covered in scaffolding – totally ruining my iconic photo sitting atop the Princess Diana Bench!

Whenever you are working on a venue contract it imperative to ask the simple question; “Do you have any construction planned during our event dates?” This simple question can uncover any unpleasant noise, smells or guest detours during your event. If the venue is currently under construction and you are concerned about their guaranteed date of completion ahead of your event – just ask that it be included in your contract as an addendum along with concessions if they exceed their estimated end date.

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