Sarah Anderson

Anderson Brothers, INC


"It was amazing to know that Kt Event Solutions was present and handling a long list of responsibilities and people in a professional manner. This allowed me and our company to focus on what we do best and also enjoy the event.


People need to know how different it is when Kt Event Solutions team is running the event. There is a sense of ease and a feeling of assurance you get when Kt Event Solutions is there. The feeling is priceless

and difficult to find."



Serena Howell

Teen Reach


“I have worked with Kaytie Fiedler and her amazing team at Kt Events for approximately 5 years. The energy, efficiency, creativity and commitment they show for the work we do with foster kids is truly inspiring. They join with us and become part of our team to achieve our goals.”



Brie Richards

William Temple House


“We truly and honestly could not have done this without you. Your professionalism, friendliness, know-how, and clear execution really kept me at ease and helped the entire event be a huge success! I’m so pleased we work with you all. Thank you again for everything!”



Erin Birman



"I worked with Kaytie over the course of a few months planning several large key networking events ranging from

small roundtables to 2,000+ attendees at our annual user conference. 


Although Kaytie was representing a 3rd party agency, I instantly felt she was part of the team and always had her eyes on delivering the vision and goal we crafted for the event. Kaytie was extremely organizing and led weekly calls with clear agenda items and distributed thorough follow up notes with action items and next

steps. She made sure that everything was flawless onsite and made sure to check in frequently in case I needed something.


I would HIGHLY recommend Kaytie to any organization looking for a strong event planner to help with logistics, planning, budget management, follow through

and onsite management."



Melony Beaird



"Kaytie is absolutely fabulous to work with. She is very professional, organized and caring and it really shows in everything that she does. If I was going to hire an outside event coordinator, Kaytie would get the job every time."



Sally Oakes

William Temple House


"Kaytie and her team helped me with the planning and production of two events at William Temple House: an Annual Dinner Auction and the 50th Golden Jubilee Celebration. Both events were seamlessly smooth from check-in to check-out, all aspects of technology performed perfectly and they were stunningly beautiful. Kaytie is a skilled creative professional with a heart of gold. She truly cares about nonprofit causes and is dedicated to her clients and the success of their events. I am grateful to Kaytie for her previous assistance and hope that I have the opportunity to work with her again. I highly recommend Kaytie as an event manager!"

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